The City of Onda out for its economic development in the field of ceramics industry and its ancillary activities, one of the main economic lungs of Castellón by size and business projection both nationally and internationally.The result of this development, Onda has a set of business parks covering more than 300 companies, with the potential to host more signatures that can generate more wealth to its territory and move forward economically, making Onda a more innovative municipality and economically more competitive.

In this line, and in close collaboration with the Castellón Chamber of Commerce has addressed this portal Onda business parks, with the firm objective to serve as a basis to boost their promotion both nationally and internationally, while its promotion and dissemination seeks to publicize the ground and buildings that welcome new business initiatives.

It has to do with a pioneering platform to address the need to centralize the whole range of industrial land currently available in Onda, with updated its estates and companies based data, while an innovative channel opens to visit them and promote them, placing value on their potential.

This will allow the City of Onda own Chamber of Commerce of Castellón have a reference tool to value the economic potential of Onda, serving as communications and information channel for new investors.

For the development of this tool is also has the experience and technology infrastructure of the Spanish Coordinator of Business Parks (CEPE), integrating and streamlining municipal information within this website with the web platform floor industrialist available nationwide, giving you maximum visibility and route view to achieving its objectives.